Terms & Conditions
Booking Terms

All business is conducted and orders that are received are subject to the information agreed to on the booking form or invoice, copies of which are available on request. In particular, prices are as stated at the time and date of order, and are exclusive of VAT; all orders must be prepaid unless an approved credit account already exists.

Bookings can be agreed via email by a representative of the clients organisation, or by payment or deposit of the initial invoice.

All clients are automatically, with immediate effect, entered into our publicity, awareness and marketing programmes and their logos are featured in the above material and collateral.


If you with to cancel your booking cancellation fees are payable on the following sliding scale.

If you cancel:
– 91 days or more prior to the event you will pay a 60% cancellation fee
– between 61 and 90 days prior to the event you will pay a 70% cancellation fee
– between 31 and 60 days prior to the event you will pay a 80% cancellation fee
– within 30 days you will pay a 100% cancellation fee

In the instances of ongoing relationships, multi-product contracts and annual retainers which include discounts; in the instance of early termination of contract, the fees will revert back to full rate card value for each product.

Upon cancellation of a contract a final fee will be produced with the reflective costs and final invoice issued.


The organisers reserve the right to and at any point, change the terms and conditions to booking.

The dates of each event may also be subject to change.

Any promotional activity may be refused at The Ultimate Guide Company’s discretion.

Clients will be notified by email of any changes made.